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About Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions

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And if you think that's a mouthful, wait for this one (😉).


Since 1999, we have arranged in-depth journeys to Bhutan for culturally curious and open-minded travelers; New York Times journalists; traveling photography seminar leaders and their groups; artists; architects; writers; yoga teachers (and their students); meditation teachers and their followers; birders; mountaineers; medical; dental; and eye-clinic missions and volunteers; avid trekkers; multi-generational families; honeymoon couples; and many other discerning travelers. Learn more about the Bhutan Himalaya Difference.

Bhutan Himalaya staff and guests with the chief Buddhist abbot of Trongsa, central Bhutan © Bhutan Himalaya archives 

What we've learned

Through the decades, each individual guest’s traveling style, interests, and needs have made us as diversely expert as our guests. As expected, we’ve seen and handled a wide range of challenges, and in response, cultivated an alert, gracious and sensitive range of travel and trip leading skills, and then some. The result is that we’re as unruffled, overseeing the complex logistics and demands of your trip, as at keeping things flexible enough to seize the unique and unplanned experiences that arise from our longstanding connections across Bhutan.


What we’ve learned from our long years of experience is this. The trip information you see on our website and in print is merely the beginning, the structure, ‘the bones of the trip,’ so to speak. It’s our ability to spin magical memories from each spontaneous, in-real-time encounter on those itineraries that make our trips such sparkling, meaningful, and life-changing human experiences. 

(See our Guests Gallery below). Learn about our wonderful team coordinators and their special connections

Bhutan, at your pace 

Our guides serving lunch to guests in a private tent
Guests at one of our spontaneous outdoor picnic lunches © Bhutan Himalaya archives

Expanding Options

Our volunteer journeys provide opportunities to give back and do some good in the communities where we travel. Our past “voluntouring” trips have included short-term projects for families with high school teens, retired professionals and travelers with backgrounds in health & medicine. Our culinary journeys, village-to-village ride and camp horseback tours and our winter treks to Southern Bhutan’s recently re-opened Royal Manas National Park are thoughtfully expanding the range of travel options available in the kingdom.

Bhutan Himalaya guest working with Buddhist nuns in Bhutan's central highlands region © Bhutan Himalaya archives

Sharing Bhutan is our passion

We strive to create and share experiences that provide deep and meaningful perspectives into a way of life that is inherently balanced, sane and compassionate. We're proud to share our rich Bhutanese heritage with respect, sensitivity, and the firm belief that Bhutan has a remarkably human, and humane, perspective to share with the rest of the world, especially in these troubled times.

Traveling in a group, if done improperly, can feel impersonal and rushed.  When you journey with us we see that you always have reasonable personalized access to our guides and staff to ensure that you never feel as if you are holding up the group. Our journeys have enriched the lives of our many guests, a great number of whom have described their journeys as transformational, and who continue to refer us to new travelers. We are proud of the fact that most of our new guests come to us by word-of-mouth introductions from past travelers instead of heavy marketing. This, in turn, enables us to continue nurture and widen our expanding network of sensitive cross-cultural friendships.

Bhutan Himalaya guest Monica shows how it's done, at the base of Mt. Jomolhari © Bhutan Himalaya archives 
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