Hiking Bhutan’s Mt. Jomolhari basin: Trek where Snow Leopards & Blue Sheep roam 


Hike in the Lap of Bhutan’s Mount Jomolhari, “Mother Goddess Mountain of the World”

Group | 17 Days | Difficult to Challenging Trek

Dates: October 03 ~ 19, 2020

This journey is an opportunity to learn about snow leopard conservation and, if you are lucky, perhaps even spot one! Meet Bhutan’s nomadic yak herding communities and attend the annual Snow Leopard festival, proceeds from which go to preserve local nomadic culture and endangered snow leopard habitat.

  •  Trek into Snow Leopard habitat with possible chance sightings

  • See herds of beautiful Himalayan Blue Sheep

  • Experience the grandeur of Bhutan’s second highest peak

  • Fully supported Himalayan expedition

  • Join a celebration of nomadic mountain culture

  • Witness how preserving indigenous culture goes hand-in-hand with wildlife protection and ecological conservation

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