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Yoga in the Himalaya: a Journey across Bhutan with Yoga en route

Updated: Jan 14, 2020


Rock carvings of Buddhist saints strike the "lotus pose" in Bumthang, Bhutan


A Journey for the Body and the Spirit​

~ 17 to 19 Days

The ancients called the mountains Devbhumi, or "the abode of gods." Amid the Himalayas, generations of yogis sought, practiced and taught the secrets of yoga. Our yoga travel program honors that tradition. Traversing the landscape that inspired the sages, we seek to understand the varied forms and perceptions of yoga. Each day will begin or end with up to two hours of yoga instruction and practice along with chanting, meditation, and reflection. A typical day might include viewing centuries-old wall paintings with flashlights or sharing tea with a lama who can explain how yoga is integrated in monastic practice. Our en route yoga teacher has practiced Hatha Yoga for over 20 years and is a skilled and compassionate instructor. He will help our travelers integrate the outer journey with the inner in his gentle good-humored style.



Days 1&2: Arrive in Paro. Explore the many exquisite temples along the valley floor | Days 3 & 4: Transfer to the capital and browse the markets. Day hike to the Tango Buddhist College or the Chari "Iron Mountain" Retreat |Days 5 & 6: Transfer to Wangdue valley with a stop at the Dochula Pass. Explore Punakha Valley, including the Hall of 100 Pillars and the Yuelay Namgyal Pagoda. | Day 7: Transfer to Bumthang Valley with photo stops. Day 8: Explore Jakar Valley by foot, with time to visit the exquisite temples scattered along the valley floor. | Day 9: Visit a local village for an insight into the region's rich and vibrant wool-weaving tradition. | Day 10: Transfer to Wangdue Valley with a stop at Trongsa Dzong, ceremonial seat of past and future kings of Bhutan. | Day 11: Transfer to the Paro Valley in preparation for our trek. | Days 11 through 15: The Dragon's Path Trek. | Day 17: Return transfer to Paro Valley. | Day 18: Hike to Tiger's Nest Monastery. | Day 19: Return flight to Bangkok or another gateway city.


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