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Please complete this secondary trip form so we can complete official requirements for your journey with us*.

Thanks for completing this important trip formality!
We look forward to sharing our adventures in Bhutan with you soon!

Upload Passport Photo
Upload Travel Insurance Certificate as PDF


Upload Travel Insurance Certificate as an Image

*Before uploading the passport photos and Travel Insurance Certificate using the form below, please consult the "Passport Photo Basics below" (taken from the US State Department's Travel.Gov site) & see the Sample Travel Insurance Certificate statement at the bottom of the page. 

Please complete the requested information for EACH INDIVIDUAL traveler going on the trip. 

Passport Photo Basics (from US Travel.State.Gov)

  1. Submit one color photo, taken in last 6 months.

  2. Use a clear image of your face. Do not use filters commonly used on social media.

  3. Have someone else take your photo. No selfies.

  4. Take off your eyeglasses for your photo.

  5. Use a white or off-white background without shadows, texture, or lines.

Sample Travel Insurance Certificate

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