Journey to discover Bhutan’s vibrant Warriors Pageant


Travel to see Bhutan’s first 2020 mask dance festival & welcome the magnificent Himalayan springtime  

Group | 12 Days | Moderate Touring

Dates: March 01 ~ 12, 2020


Get an early start on Bhutan’s exciting 2020 travel season with this early March departure to experience the colorful “Pageant of Warriors,” a unique festival that celebrates the handpicked historical guardians of Buddhist treasures in Bhutan. From the western valleys of Paro, Thimphu and Punakha this active adventure takes you cross-country to the beautiful central regions of Bumthang where we explore a network of hidden valleys. We close our journey with a scenic mountain flight back to Paro and a final hike up to spectacular Tiger's Nest!  

  •  Active country hikes and walks

  • A festival of Buddhist pageantry and dances 

  • High-end, traditionally authentic lodges & accommodations

  • Highlights of western & central Bhutan

  • Markets, monuments, museums and more







A group of Bhutanese warriors, the Paazaaps, have long been entrusted with the safety of Bhutan’s holy Buddhist relics, housed inside the great fortress of Punakha in western Bhutan. It is a sacred duty they have performed with honor and pride for centuries. This early springtime festival celebrates their important contributions to Bhutanese history, and the colorful role they play in protecting the cultural treasures of the country, providing us with a wonderful excuse to visit the festival and range across the Bhutanese countryside. We start with the western cultural centers before making our way overland across to the surpassingly lovely valleys of central Bhutan, with stops along the way to visit a series of unforgettable monasteries and temples. A short flight past the peaks and valleys of Bhutan, and a final climb up to fabulous “Tiger’s Nest,” closes this remarkable 2020 adventure. 


To see photographs and read about a recent warriors pageant festival, please see our picture story: Bhutan’s Procession of Warriors Festival. 




本業がギター流しで、それだけで生活しているかどうか、をプロの基準とするならば、半数程度の人間があてはまります。 他の者は兼業流しで、専門音楽の演奏家、会社員、ボイストレーナー、作家、介護職員、学生、など様々な別の肩書を持っています。 しかし、流しをやるなら誰でも身ひとつで街に出て、営業し、演奏し、お客さんを満足させなくては成り立ちません。技量や売上に個人差はあるでしょうが仕事を継続している各メンバーですので、全員がプロと言えます。


縄張り争いなどのトラブルを回避するために平成流し組合があります。 この流し組合では、毎月の出勤希望日や希望場所を出し合って、ひとつの現場に流しが集まりすぎないように、また、各現場に万遍なく流しが配置されるように工夫しています。 それはお互いのためであり、お店や現場のためでもあります。流しをOKしてくれたお店も、毎晩、何人も流しが入れ代わり立ち代わりで出入りしたら迷惑になる可能性が高いでしょう。我々はお店を盛り上げ、地域を盛り上げることで存在させてもらえる立場です。個人個人の利益より流し業界の発展が優先事項です。




①流しのノウハウ、留意点を教えてもらえる ②すでに許可済みの流し現場で演奏ができる ③ほかの流しとの情報共有ができる ④出張の流し、生演奏依頼などの仕事がくる などです。


The activities on this trip are rated as moderate and suits a wide range of interests and physical fitness levels. Trip members should be in good health and comfortable standing or walking for extended periods of time and confident navigating mixed and steep terrain that may include rocky trails, slippery conditions and, or, steps and stairs. Daily activities include city walking tours, hiking to and entering monasteries, temples and fortresses, driving over winding mountain roads and easy to moderate hiking with some strenuous options where possible. The general elevations in the valleys will mostly range from 6,800 ft to 9,000 ft, with drives that will take us over higher passes before descending to the average elevations mentioned above. The final hike to Tiger's Nest Monastery is 10,000 ft. 


The high-end accommodations on this journey feature traditional Bhutanese style with modern elements. The lodges are handpicked for regional character, comfort, and hospitality, including our beautiful family lodge in the central highlands of Bhutan, the Mountain Resort (see more on the Mountain Resort below). In peak season, depending on availability, we may use lodges comparable to the ones we have listed or advertised. 

Expedition Staff

Every expedition is curated by expert native-born guides and trip leaders who also facilitate meetings and learning experiences with other locally knowledgeable people along the way. Our experienced team shares valuable insights and local expertise to ensure a culturally rich adventure of discovery through the Himalayan landscape and traditions of Bhutan. 


Mountain Resort Entrance
Mountain Resort Entrance

Traditional Buddhist stupa in the outer courtyard of the family lodge

Serving Tea
Serving Tea

All rooms at the Mountain Resort feature a spacious design with wood paneling and beams of local pine

Bhutanese Dishes
Bhutanese Dishes

The food at the Mountain Resort features traditional favorites both mild and spicy

Mountain Resort Entrance
Mountain Resort Entrance

Traditional Buddhist stupa in the outer courtyard of the family lodge


Mountain Resort - Bumthang, Bhutan

Set against a sacred cloud forest a short distance below Bumthang's Jakar Dzong (fortress), our family-run lodge in Central Bhutan features the best elements of traditional architecture, including flagstones of river rock, the beautiful wood-and-stone masonry construction of Central Bhutan, and spacious rooms with wood paneling and post and beams of fragrant pine. Guests can enjoy a healing soak in traditional "hot stone" baths enhanced, in accordance with indigenous practices, by mugwort and other medicinal herbs. It's our perfect base for exploring the ample beauties and blessings of the central highlands of Bhutan.     



2020 Dates


March 01 - 12, 2020

2021 Dates

  • March 01 - 12, 2021

2020 Pricing



Per Person doubles; Single traveler Supplement ($550/-pp)


2021 Pricing



Per Person doubles; Single traveler Supplement ($550/-pp)

Prices are per person based on double occupancy and do not include international airfare to/from your destination or internal flights during the expedition. Single traveler prices are available upon request. Internal flights are $980 per person & $175 per person where a short-duration flight is included on the itinerary. Surcharges may apply to certain travel dates based upon international or local holidays, as well as local events and festivals. All prices and fares are quoted in U.S. dollars and subject to change.


  • All ground transportation, visas for Bhutan and airport transfers

  • All Accommodations

  • All meals, including excursions to try well-known local restaurants 

  • The expertise and services of your Bhutanese Trip Leaders, Guides & dedicated trip field staff

  • Courtesy booking services & arrangements for round-trip regional flights from gateway cities (such as Bangkok) to Bhutan & any internal domestic flights (airfare is additional). 

  • Sightseeing, special events & receptions, visits and entry fees 

  • All environmental national parks & conservation fees and permits

  • All Trek Arrangements (if you signed up for a trek), including community camping and commissary equipment (comfortable and roomy two-person tents, kitchen and dining tents, and other  community equipment), camp, cook and support staff


  • Airfare to and from destination, as well as internal airfare where applicable

  • Trip cancellation insurance or any other travel insurance 

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Gratuities



The country is beautiful, and its story is compelling but the special sense of a privileged view into the life of the country that you provided is beyond describing. We are very grateful; thank you!

~ Laurie H. Z, Denver, Co.



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Fly from Gateway City to Paro, Bhutan.

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If you'd like to spend a little more time exploring the magnificent World Heritage sites of Cambodia and Laos before or after Bhutan with arrangements in and out of Bangkok, we can take care of those details as well. Tie in a visit to the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor Wat or explore the quaint streets of Luang Prabang where French Colonial meets a distinctly unique Asian sensibility.