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Our Newest Team Members

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Our biggest new hire comes to us from his latest stint as the Director of Bhutan's National Airline, Drukair. His role there included overseeing all technical and administrative aspects of the airline's flight operations. He joins us as Chief Operations Officer of Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions. Please join us in welcoming our dear old friend Karma P. Wangdi to the team! Our other new team member this month is Senior Guide, Dorji Gyeltshen, one of the most experienced birding guides in Bhutan. 

Our new COO is an avid hiker and a veteran of multiple Snowman Treks, one of the world's most difficult continuous through-hikes.

Karma P. Wangdi, Chief Operations Officer

The complex challenges of juggling flight bookings and logistics in Bhutan is one of the biggest hurdles in the smooth running of trips in Bhutan. 'KP,' as we call him, brings his tremendous experiences leading the national flagship airline to the job. He has managed Drukair's teams at nearly every city the airline flies and as a senior executive of the airline, he's negotiated with multiple aircraft manufacturerers, including European multinational Airbus. But, he can switch just as quickly from the boardroom to the trails, and is an avid hiker. Before joining Drukair, he led trekking operations for a leading Bhutanese tour company and is a veteran of far-too-many treks all over the country. We are all understandably excited to have our old friend on board here at Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions!

Dorji Gyeltshen, Senior Guide and Birding Expert

Dorji Gyeltshen, Senior Guide and Birding Expert

Our latest hire, Dorji, is among the Top 10 Bhutanese Birdwatchers listed on eBird, a project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He has 424 species of birds under his belt, excluding his altitudinal bird species count. He has been a general tour guide since 2004. 

"One of my major responsibilities during my winter breaks [from school] was to fetch fire wood from the forest for the cold winter months," he says. "Every time I ventured into the forest in the early hours of the day, I'd get very excited by the beautiful and colourful birds I'd see in the bushes. I loved listening to their soothing calls and their songs. Since then, I've been hooked. The more I learn about birds, the more curious I become. It's a pursuit I'm passionate about even on my own free time."


THIS MONTH WE welcome a former director of the national airline as our Chief Operations Officer, and a Bhutanese birding expert to our broaden our team. Our remarkable people are at the heart of what we do, and we're proud to introduce them to you!


Meet our newest team members

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