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The Bhutan Himalaya Difference

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We don't outsource your trip

With us you have the assurance of knowing that when you book your travel to Bhutan, you are making your reservations directly with the people responsible for running your trip once you arrive in the country. At Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions, we are actively engaged in all levels of designing, offering, booking, and guiding your trip in Bhutan. That's as local as it gets.

We're your Bhutan Connection

Imagine traveling in small groups with well-versed, articulate, and fun Bhutanese friends. That, in short, is how our trips are run. Our guide-to-guest ratio (which is among the highest in Bhutan) ensures that everyone feels personally cared for. It also enables our staff to individually shine in their expertise, and enables them to share their wealth of insights and cultural connections in relaxed and meaningful ways with each trip member.

We Don’t do the Crowded Tour Bus Thing

Traveling with other people can be fraught with annoyances if everyone is traveling in close quarters much of the time. We generally use smaller vans and four wheel drives that enable us to get in and out of the more popular sights before the crowded tour buses arrive. The result is a smoother, more flexible travel experience for everyone.

We're embedded in the local culture

All our trip leaders and guides were born and raised in Bhutan and come from different parts of the country featured on our trips; the reason why they are often welcomed back to the places we visit with the affection reserved for well-loved community insiders.

We offer varied perspectives 

Our local connections in Bhutan are rooted in the multi-generational bonds of kinship that each trip leader brings to our team. Our friends and family include senior monastic elders, diplomats, government leaders, intellectuals, farmers, artisans and people from all walks of life. With us you have the special opportunity to learn first hand what makes Bhutan so unique in an increasingly complex and challenging world.

AS A LONGTIME travel outfitter specializing in journeys to the Kingdom of Bhutan, we offer culturally enriching, physically active and intellectually stimulating private and small group adventures across our beautiful corner of the Himalayas. A few reasons why we think you'll like us:


With us, it's personal.

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