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Intimate Bhutan:

A Private Journey for Abby & Paulo

On this page: breakfast for two with a view of 13th century Gangtey monastery

Experience some of Bhutan’s infectious happiness quotient, receive a ‘beginning-of-wedded-life’ blessing from the chief abbot of Bhutan’s sacred 7th-century Kurje temple, hike quiet Himalayan trails, participate in a ritual lighting of 108 butter-lamps to bless your life together, meditate in a 13th-century shrine guided by a resident monk and plant a Buddhist prayer flag for world peace. All this and more as you discover Bhutan and begin the beautiful journey of your shared life with each other.

Consecration at Gangtey Shedra, the valley's main monastic school

Traveling through Bhutan’s magical landscape, we walk to beautiful gold-roofed monasteries and hike to prayer flag-covered hilltops; navigate endless lush valleys and ancient forests backed by snow-capped Himalayan peaks. At the end of each day, enjoy the comforts of some of Bhutan’s most spectacular lodges built in the traditional style of Dzongs, the kingdom’s majestic 17th-century fortresses. 

The wood and stone architecture traditional to 17th-century Bhutanese Dzongs or fortresses have been updated for the discerning traveler at some of Bhutan's top lodges

As you fly and travel overland, our dedicated guide and driver for your trip ensures your every comfort and takes care of all your logistical and sightseeing details. Shortly after your arrival, your journey begins with a dramatic flight that takes you halfway across the country to jewel-like Jakar valley where our central Bhutanese family welcomes you with warmth and affection at our beautiful lodge built from native cypress, pine and river rock.


After settling in, embark on a series of hiking explorations of beautiful Jakar and the network of surrounding valleys known collectively as Bumthang or “Treasure Vase Plain,” a reference to the shape of this region, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Bhutan. Each evening or afternoon, as it pleases you, return to the comforts of our lodge where most evenings, you’ll meet and eventually get to know various family members who manage and run different aspects of the lodge. Ask for cousin Tenzin who manages and runs the front of house, and her brothers Thinley, Nono and Ugyen, who are usually on hand in addition to the staff (most of whom are extended family members and native to Jakar). The mother, Ashi, is queen of the kitchen and daily serves up old regional favorites such as the hearty sichuan-and-black-pepper-laced puta or locally-grown stone-milled buckwheat noodles; jambuley, a made-from-scratch gnocchi-like dish traditional to the region, Himalayan dumplings or momos and, for breakfast, flat buckwheat pancakes with excellent Bumthang honey collected from hives a few minutes down the road. The younger family members at the lodge can always be counted on for some extra fun especially, if you're so inclined, for an impromptu round of traditional Bhutanese archery played with bamboo bows and arrows. 

Cousin Kunzang, Head of Housekeeping, brings tea at our family-owned lodge in Jakar</