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Intimate Bhutan:

A Private Journey for Abby & Paulo

On this page: breakfast for two with a view of 13th century Gangtey monastery

Experience some of Bhutan’s infectious happiness quotient, receive a ‘beginning-of-wedded-life’ blessing from the chief abbot of Bhutan’s sacred 7th-century Kurje temple, hike quiet Himalayan trails, participate in a ritual lighting of 108 butter-lamps to bless your life together, meditate in a 13th-century shrine guided by a resident monk and plant a Buddhist prayer flag for world peace. All this and more as you discover Bhutan and begin the beautiful journey of your shared life with each other.

Consecration at Gangtey Shedra, the valley's main monastic school

Traveling through Bhutan’s magical landscape, we walk to beautiful gold-roofed monasteries and hike to prayer flag-covered hilltops; navigate endless lush valleys and ancient forests backed by snow-capped Himalayan peaks. At the end of each day, enjoy the comforts of some of Bhutan’s most spectacular lodges built in the traditional style of Dzongs, the kingdom’s majestic 17th-century fortresses. 

The wood and stone architecture traditional to 17th-century Bhutanese Dzongs or fortresses have been updated for the discerning traveler at some of Bhutan's top lodges

As you fly and travel overland, our dedicated guide and driver for your trip ensures your every comfort and takes care of all your logistical and sightseeing details. Shortly after your arrival, your journey begins with a dramatic flight that takes you halfway across the country to jewel-like Jakar valley where our central Bhutanese family welcomes you with warmth and affection at our beautiful lodge built from native cypress, pine and river rock.


After settling in, embark on a series of hiking explorations of beautiful Jakar and the network of surrounding valleys known collectively as Bumthang or “Treasure Vase Plain,” a reference to the shape of this region, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Bhutan. Each evening or afternoon, as it pleases you, return to the comforts of our lodge where most evenings, you’ll meet and eventually get to know various family members who manage and run different aspects of the lodge. Ask for cousin Tenzin who manages and runs the front of house, and her brothers Thinley, Nono and Ugyen, who are usually on hand in addition to the staff (most of whom are extended family members and native to Jakar). The mother, Ashi, is queen of the kitchen and daily serves up old regional favorites such as the hearty sichuan-and-black-pepper-laced puta or locally-grown stone-milled buckwheat noodles; jambuley, a made-from-scratch gnocchi-like dish traditional to the region, Himalayan dumplings or momos and, for breakfast, flat buckwheat pancakes with excellent Bumthang honey collected from hives a few minutes down the road. The younger family members at the lodge can always be counted on for some extra fun especially, if you're so inclined, for an impromptu round of traditional Bhutanese archery played with bamboo bows and arrows. 

Cousin Kunzang, Head of Housekeeping, brings tea at our family-owned lodge in Jakar

During your stay in Jakar you also meet one of our family patriarchs, Head Abbot or Lama Dorji Wangchuck, the royal family's special appointee to oversee the spiritual treasures and teachings contained in the valley's 7th century Kurjey temple, one of the holiest sites in Bhutan. Lama Dorji is also a renowned master of the Zhung tradition, the practice of imbuing holy objects — such as Buddha images for temples and shrines — with their sacred ‘soul.’ In a private meeting in his chambers inside the temple Uncle Lama will perform special Nyendrok Phuensum Tshogpa blessings for the couple. Nyendrok means “Auspicious Union,” Phuensum can be translated as “with the blessings of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha,” and Tshogpa means “great fruition.” In Bhutan, the Nyendrok is a traditional ceremony meant to confer good emotional and spiritual grounding for couples at the start of their lives together. 

Below: 7th Century Kurjey, one of  the holiest and oldest relic temples in the Himalayan Buddhist world

From Jakar, you transfer to the high, gently rolling valley of Phobjikha, also known as the “Valley of the Cranes,” for its recognition as one of the world's best endangered Black-necked Crane viewing sites. Your award-winning lodge has a wide open viewing area where, on any given morning or evening, you may be able to enjoy the occasional sighting of some of the rare and elegant cranes soaring over the valley. If you don't see them while breakfasting or sipping evening tea back at the lodge, we have a special guided hike along the flanks of the valley to blinds where you can observe the beautiful cranes fairly close at hand. If you are looking for a more challenging trek, our staff will take you up close to 12,000-ft on an incredible day-trip that offers some of the most unforgettable views of the entire valley. During your stay here, we have also arranged a meditation in a sanctum of the 13th century Gangtey Gonpa (monastery) with instruction from a resident monk. Later, you will be able to raise prayer flags at a favorable location in the valley for world peace. 

Hiking through the tall and stately forest along the flanks of the Gangtey valley can be an otherworldly and tranquil experience, and one of the best ways to encounter the wintering Black-necked Cranes, of which there are only several thousand left in the wild.

Next, make the steep downhill drive to lush Punakha valley. In the space of a day you will drop nearly 6,000ft, passing yaks munching on dwarf bamboo and high alpine shrubs to arrive at your beautiful lodge for tonight, in a low region where tropical fruits like banana, oranges and guava grow. Settle into the comforts of the lodge built in the wood and rammed earth style popular in the warmer regions of Bhutan. Enjoy a massage or spa treatment to work out the kinks from the drive or simply sit on the terrace with each other, soaking in the views of the wide and forested river valley. Your options in this valley are a beautiful hike to the Khamsum Yuelley Temple overlooking the valley, built by the queen mother to accrue spiritual merit for her son, the crown prince, who is now the king, and a visit to the impressive Punakha Dzong, the winter home of the national Buddhist clergy. 

The Khamsum Yuelley Temple, built in the Himalayan Zangthok-Pelri or "Gilded Copper Palace" style is a beautiful day hike through terraced fields to an overlook with dramatic views of the Punakha valley.

Continuing your trajectory west, you arrive in Thimphu, Bhutan's busy capital where you check into the renowned Amankora lodge, next to the Queen Mother’s Palace. You have several options for hiking and sightseeing here including temples, monasteries, traditional art schools and markets. During your stay in Thimphu, we have arranged a meeting, schedules-permitting, with an interesting Bhutanese personality – perhaps even someone from the National Commission for Gross National Happiness – for a free-ranging conversation about the GNH philosophy, Bhutan’s role in advocating for a “happiness economy” and the kingdom’s “Happiness Quotient,” among others. During your time in the capital, you will also meet and share a meal with a close family friend and well-known heritage foods curator who has rescued over 100 old Bhutanese recipes and food traditions from extinction. 

The lodge in Thimphu, nestled among tall pines next to a rushing stream, is located in a peaceful area next to the Motithang Palace

Finally, transfer to the Amankora Lodge in Paro and rest amid the serene surroundings for the final hike up to the famous cliff-hugging “Tiger's Nest” temple. Returning from the hike, we close out the journey with a ritual lighting of 108 butter lamps in one of the oldest temples in the valley. With the lighting of each individual butter lamp, or karmey, you invoke a “dispelling of the darkness of ignorance.” By lighting each lamp you offer light to the myriad Bodhisattvas asking them to awaken the enlightened Buddha in yourselves and to strengthen your spiritual bonds as a couple. In the evening, we may be able to invite the Director of the National Library, Buddhist scholar and author Khenpo Tashi (provided he’s in town), for a final informal chat about Buddhism, pilgrimage, journeys in general and the Vajrayana Buddhist ideas surrounding the ‘Nature of Mind.’

Your journey deep into the kingdom’s heartland exploring five distinctly different but important valleys features historic Gangtey Palace - Paro, the Mountain Resort - Jakar, the Gangtey Lodge - Phobjikha, The Uma Lodge - Punakha, The Amankora Lodge - Thimphu and the Amankora Lodge - Paro. 

The traditional lighting of the 108 butter lamps is an offering of light and symbolizes the affirmation of understanding and illumination over darkness and ignorance, more of what we need in the world today.

Bath with a view at the Gangtey Lodge


  • Private Buddhist blessings ceremony

  • Learn about the GNH ideal

  • Intimate lodges with traditional character

  • Set your own pace in each valley

  • Hike to ‘Tiger's Nest’

Rice terraces in front of the lodge in the low tropical valley of Punakha


Your journey covers the cultural and spiritual heartland of Bhutan, from the rice-bowl of Paro to Jakar, ancient home of Bhutanese nobility and enlightened Buddhist yogis, to Phobjikha, seat of 13th century Gangtey monastery and wintering grounds of Bhutan's rare and endangered Black-necked Cranes. Continuing on to western Bhutan, explore lush Punakha valley, ancestral home of Bhutan's queens, to finally arrive in the bustling capital, Thimphu, where Bhutan's present-day leaders and intelligentsia serve a government based on the progressive ideals of Buddhism. Finally, back in Paro, where you began your journey, a spectacular hike takes you to cliff-clinging "Tiger's Nest" to hear the wind sighing among the branches of gently swaying pines, and to feel the mist on your face from a holy waterfall that seems to cascade from the skies. Your cross-country exploration of the kingdom's precious cultural treasures resembles a devotional circumnavigation commonly known in the Himalayas as a kora which, loosely translated, means "the fulfillment of pure aspirations."


“I loved the fact that there were planned activities but with flexibility built in. On one occasion we got to sit with a monk as he recited his morning prayers and my guide stayed there with me—there was never any pressure to progress—yet he was always ready to move on when I was. I loved every moment of my time with your company and I hope to return again to Bhutan. I am strongly recommending that anyone traveling to Asia should consider discovering Bhutan with your team. Thank you for the great memories!”

~ Tony H., New Zealand 

Resisting tourism dollars in favor of local sensibilities, Bhutan zealously guards its 20 peaks above 20,000ft from commercial exploitation. Gangkar Puensum is the tallest of the peaks in Bhutan under royal protection as seen in this photo taken from the cockpit of Drukair, Bhutan's national carrier. Bhutanese believe that the country's tallest peaks are the homes of powerful mountain spirits that protect the kingdom from external harm, and that opening them to climbers would cause great damage to the sanctity of the nation. 


Day 1

Your international flight arrives in Paro from Bangkok, Thailand ● The Bhutan Himalaya team will pick you up at the airport and take you to downtown Paro where we have refreshments and orientation before heading to the lodge  After checking in and spending some time settling into your new surroundings, we will take you on the first foray into our remarkable Himalayan kingdom, with sightseeing in Paro town and a temple visit. The afternoon trip allows you to acclimatize to the rarefied air at this altitude as well as the chance to get to know    your guide.

Overnight: The Gangtey Palace, Paro 

While not quite superlative like the other lodges on this journey, the Gangtey Palace still clings to a once-faded (and recently restored) grace. The palace was once a place of such note that it appeared, more than a century ago, in the pages of National Geographic (1914), in a piece authored by the then British Political Officer in India, John Claude White. Its creaky, time-varnished floors seem to sigh with the weight of Bhutanese history while the views across the valley of Paro and its beautiful Dzong make it a worthwhile stay. 

Bhutan's greater Himalayan peaks, from the window of the domestic flight from Paro to Jakar

Day 2 ~ 3

After breakfast this morning, the domestic flight (approximately 30 minutes), brings you to the central mountains of Bhutan ● Bumthang, the collective name given to this region of the kingdom, is a collection of four surpassingly lovely valleys centered on the town of Jakar  The area has great spiritual  significance  in  Bhutan, being strongly associated with various foundational myths and legends of Bhutanese society as well as the birthplaces of renowned meditators and yogis  It is also famous for the production of honey, as  well  as  cheese, apples, apricots and Red Panda Weiss beer ● There is plenty to see and do during your time here, including some gorgeous hikes,  and each day our staff will present you with various options you can choose from for the day ● You will also meet Lama Dorji Wangchuk, a senior member of Bhutan's clergy and participate in a special Nyendrok couple's blessing at the ancient Kurjey temple. 

Overnight: The Mountain Resort, Jakar

Day 4

Explore the beautiful Tang valley today, east of Jakar, with a meal on a traditional Bhutanese farm, featuring home-grown ingredients  Complete the challenging return trek to Jakar on foot along a beautiful forested trail that crests over a dramatic ridge above the valley with spectacular views of the entire valley ● End the day with slices of the rich and creamy local Gouda cheese chased down by shots of the pungent Bumthang schnapps ● Later, enjoy a private couples hot-stone mineral bath on the rooftop followed by a delicious Bhutanese dinner from Ashi's kitchen. 

Overnight: The Mountain Resort, Jakar

A Jakar farmer and her daughter show off their fresh cucumber on their farm

Day 5 ~ 6

Drive to Gangtey, arriving in time for  lunch at the lovely Gangtey Lodge ● Crossing the high pass of Pele La, after passing through Trongsa, with its magnificent dzong, you encounter large herds of yak grazing on dwarf bamboo. With its alpine setting on the western slope of the Black Mountains, the valley is famous as the  winter home of the rare black-necked cranes ● You will be guided by one of our friends at the 13th-century Gangtey monastery in a meditation and breathing exercise in an inner shrine room ● Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the lodge and a delicious fireside dinner, and maybe take a relaxing soak in a traditional herbal bath if you feel inclined ● Start your morning the following day by planting prayer flags fro world peace ● Then, follow it up with a Black-necked Crane viewing hike along the flanks of the valley or make the challenging trek to the top of the high pass above the valley with sweeping views of both Gangtey and Phobjikha.

Overnight: The Gangtey Lodge, Phobjikha

A relaxing soak in the lodge's traditional herbal bath with a glass of wine or champagne may be a welcome treat this evening.

Day 7

The morning drive to Punakha brings you down the Black Mountain range to the widely meandering Puna Tsangchu river with its sultry fertile valley that was once the ancient capital of the kingdom  After settling into the lodge and enjoying a lovely lunch overlooking terraced rice fields, continue to the river bank for your hike to the breathtaking Khamsum Yuelley temple ● The late afternoon early-evening light makes this hike the perfect choice for this time of day in this valley ● Return to the lodge for a romantic dinner for two set out on the open terrace overlooking the rice-fields and forests surrounding the lodge. 

Overnight: The Uma Lodge, Punakha

The majestic Punakha Dzong is the winter home of Bhutan's Buddhist monks and the central monument of the ancient capital of Bhutan.

Day 8 ~ 10

This morning walk across the covered wooden cantilever bridge to the massive Punakha Dzong and visit its shrines and temples including the fantastic Hall of 100 Pillars with the entire life-story of the Buddha illustrated in the beautiful Himalayan temple mural style ● Continue  to Thimphu, arriving in time for lunch with our family friend, the Bhutanese food curator, Kesang, at her folk heritage restaurant ● In the afternoon, after time to settle into the lodge, take a late afternoon sightseeing trip into town, or go on a guided hike up to Wangditse temple above the valley or, alternately, the Giant Buddha Dordenma overlooking the capital ● Return to the lodge this evening for dinner and a conversation with a couple of invited guests for a wide-ranging conversation about Bhutan and Gross National Happiness ● The following morning rise early for the hike to Tiger's Nest, one of the most amazing experiences you will have ● Return to the lodge for a late lunch followed by the traditional lighting of 108 butter lamps at the ancient Kyichu Temple for light, and for love ● This evening toast to your wonderful adventures across Bhutan and to the start of your happy and fulfilling lives together. 


Overnight: The Amankora Lodge, Thimphu/Amankora Paro

At the close of your auspicious circular journey across Bhutan our staff will bring you back to the airport in time for your departing flight. 

Magnificent, magical and deeply unforgettable: the Tiger's Nest clings to a 2,500-foot cliff high above Bhutan's Paro valley


The featured lodges on this trip combine some of the most sought-after high-end lodges in the country,  built in the aesthetic style of traditional Bhutanese Dzongs, in keeping with the archetypal styles of the region*. Our lodges are selected for regional character, creature comforts, and the high standards of hospitality. In peak season, depending on availability, we may use lodges comparable to the ones we have advertised. We also use a selection of other local top-tier partner lodges to offer lower priced trips without greatly compromising the overall quality of the journey. For alternate trip prices featuring these other lower-priced partner lodges, please see the Trip Prices & Details section of this preview itinerary.

*Please click on the gallery images of the featured lodges below for more on the main lodges on this itinerary.

The Amankora Paro, which offers lovely glimpses of the snow cone of Mount Jomolhari's summit (24,043ft). Jomolhari is the second highest peak in the Bhutan Himalaya



Please note that the infrastructure for large scale travel in Bhutan is still relatively underserved and demand for rooms still frequently outstrips availability of accommodations in the kingdom. At Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions we take pride in the fact that we take great care to handpick and provide the best possible value at the prices you have booked your travel. In most instances, the list of featured lodges, hotels and resorts for your trip are a guarantee of your level of accommodations for your journey and you may treat them as confirmed unless we advise you otherwise.  


  However, even though we have longstanding established ties with each of the properties on our featured list for your trip, and your rooms are usually confirmed, occasionally guest numbers, the time or season of booking, renovations & repair and/or other circumstances beyond our control may make them unavailable. In such circumstances, we always rebook our confirmed guests at resorts, hotels and lodges of equal standards, amenities, comfort and value. Therefore, please take the Featured List of Lodges & Accommodations for your trip to mean either the establishments named in this document “or resorts, hotels or lodges of equal or comparable standard and/or value."




Depart your home city for Bangkok, Thailand. From Bangkok, Druk Air, Royal Bhutan Airlines, brings you to Paro, western Bhutan.

Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions will arrange your Bhutan entry visas and take care of all your logistics from Bangkok to Bhutan and back to Bangkok. U.S. & E.U. citizens currently do not need to preaarrange their visas to enter Thailand (Thai visas are granted to Americans and Europeans on arrival for upto 15 days per entry).

En-route, we can also assist with travel arrangements in Bangkok as well as extension journeys to other parts of Bhutan or in the Indochina region (priced separately). If you are interested, please inquire about our extension programs. Crossing the International Date Line, you will arrive in Bangkok one day after departing the U.S. Please make your flight bookings with this fact in mind.

Your Bhutan adventure with us begins with your arrival in Paro and closes with your departure from the Paro Airport. Passports should be valid up to 6 months after the last date of your travel in Bhutan. If you need to renew or request a new passport, please let us know in advance so we can send you the proper reminders and resource information.

The national airline, Druk Air, offers flights daily from Bangkok, and less frequently from major Indian cities Delhi and Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). Bhutan Himalaya staff will make your round trip flight arrangements to Bhutan from Bangkok, Thailand, or India.


We have designated one of our three main leaders for your journey. 

Please see details below


Designation: Senior Staffing Coordinator & Leader 

Sangay’s leadership, knowledge of the terrain and personal connections, especially in his home region of Eastern Bhutan, are crucial to the smooth running of our travel programs and featured trips.

Playful & Witty

Resourceful and charming, Sangay brings a boundless sense of playfulness to our journeys. His natural wit and exuberant sense of humor combine make him a quick hit among our guests. While he may seem lighthearted, Sangay’s knowledge of Bhutanese culture, history and customs can only be described as encyclopedic. Sangay has lead a wide range of cultural and hiking guests and is especially great with academically-minded travelers. It goes without saying he's one of our most valuable assets. 


Designation: Trekking & Adventures Coordinator/Leader 


Tashi, a devil on a motorcycle, and the steadiest, most respected member of our team is mainly responsible for managing the details of our trekking expeditions. He has also led some exceptional cultural tours for us and always keeps a sharp eye on the morale and well-being of our camp crew. He can always be trusted to maintain a fun vibe around camp and his dedication to his crew is legendary. He is a wonderful husband to his wife Sonam, a documentarian, and one of the most loving fathers we know to his beautiful boys! (Three of them) : )

Mountain Man

Tashi has been trekking in the Bhutan Himalaya for over a decade now, supporting film and nature research expeditions, and later as an expert trekking guide for reputed tour agencies. intimate connections and popularity in local communities make our treks a delight. All this and a great sense of humor makes him a joy to be around. Tashi is a critical member of our team and we rely on him as well as out longtsanding connections in the nomadic communities where we travel for the success of our trekking operations. 


Designation: Country Coordinator/Leader

Our sweet-natured but immensely capable Country Coordinator, Yeshey Wangchuk (kneeling, front), has led some of the most challenging and exciting journeys for us. 

Yeshey is widely connected in Bhutan and his family members include well-loved government and civil service figures as well as some of the most respected farmers in western Bhutan. 

Gracefully Efficient

Yeshey combines effortless Buddhist grace with an unflappable sense of direction, the influence of his guardian, His Eminence, Dorji Lopen, one of the five principal Buddhist leaders in the country (seated, behind Yeshey) charged with guiding national spiritual matters as well as a network of Buddhist monasteries that have been operating since the late 16th century.

From arranging special entries to remote monasteries to securing our seats on the limited number of flights to Bhutan to smoothing over logistics feathers, Yeshey does it all, only ever revealing the sweetest of smiles! Yeshey's lovely wife Eudey, is a team member at the check-in counter for national airlines Druk Air. They have a beautiful toddler, who we all affectionately call Baby Rinxel.

The "guys" with our guest Kristin. From left: Tashi, Yeshey, Kristin and Sangay with junior team member Sonam


Karma Dorji



Karma Singye Dorji was was privately tutored by Buddhist monks in Bhutan before attending high school in India and studying journalism in Germany. In 1995, Karma received the Dag Hammarskjöld Award for Journalism from the UN Correspondents Association.

For 5 years in the beginning of the 1990s, Karma was assigned to cover the epic development goals of Bhutan’s Fourth King, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, a nation-wide undertaking based on the king’s vision of “Gross National Happiness” for all Bhutanese people.

Inspired by a King

Following the footsteps of Bhutan’s visionary king, Karma drove, hiked and trekked to the remote corners of all 20 districts in Bhutan, meeting many extraordinary Bhutanese people and writing about their lives in what he describes as “some of the most formative years of my life.” As a result of these unique experiences, Karma decided to share the beautiful geography, people and stories of Bhutan with the wider world of travelers. In 1999 he began designing, coordinating and leading cultural journeys and Himalayan treks to Bhutan.

Today, Karma divides his time between Bhutan and the rugged central coast of California (just south of Big Sur), where his American-born wife Linda grew up. Karma & Linda met in Bhutan while she was working for the United Nations and the royal government’s health services ministry on a project to expand physical therapy and rehabilitation services. They have two sons Mila and Shey, both of whom are avid hikers and surfers and enjoy a bi-cultural life in Bhutan and California.

Book & Lectures on Bhutan

Karma has lectured on travel and Bhutanese culture at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Karma’s book Dreaming of Prayer Flags: Stories and Images from Bhutan was launched in July 2008 at the Bhutan Folklife Festival co-sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and the Royal Government of Bhutan.

Schoolboys in Central Bhutan where classes include lessons in gardening, English, social sciences and building blocks of GNH: cultural preservation, protection of the environment, equitable regional development and decentralization of government. 

“A wonderful evening of dancing and singing with the folks from a nearby village during our trek. That was the special highlight for me. Your close connections all cross the country made that possible. Magnificent!” ~ Lynne L.



Intimate Bhutan


10 days in Bhutan
(Air not included; Flights pricing shown below. Please note that Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions books, prepares and arranges all regional and domestic flights for all our published journeys at no additional cost. Airfares subject to change by airline)


December 25, 2018 ~ January 03, 2019 (suggested)

Alternate dates: December 20 ~ 29, 2018


US$TBD per person (Please see Intermediate and Alternate Pricing at this time); double occupancy (all expenses covered 10-day journey: includes all taxes, surcharges, meals, accommodations, guides, visas and transportation services, entrances and land costs)


***Intermediate pricing with two nights at the magnificent, award-winning Gangtey Lodge ​in "Valley of the Cranes" with all other stays at Alternate Lodges:  $5,300 per person***

Alternate pricing with top-tier lodges US$4,300 per person

(Please see Alternate Lodges )


US$980 per person Bangkok-Bhutan Roundtrip

$175pp Domestic flight; one-way
(Not included in Trip Price)


Available on request


If you are keeping an eye on the budget, but looking for relaxed and comfortable stays, these top-tier lodges are our carefully selected alternatives to the main high-end resorts featured on this itinerary. As with all our partner hotels and properties, we have carefully hand-selected these places to provide the greatest value for your journey. You will be more than pleasantly surprised if your main focus is the journey and what you need are places that have local character, are clean, and have their own charm without being superlative. 

From Top, Left to Right:

PARO: Featured, Hotel Olathang

1. Standard room, main building

2. Standard room, cottage

3. Front arrival area

4. Hallway to rooms in main building

5. Dining, main restaurant

6. Check-in lobby

JAKAR: Featured, Mountain Resort

7. Front view of the Mountain Resort

8. Evening view, main building, Mountain Resort

9. Staff setting up room 

10. Kunzang, head of service, brings tea for guest

11. Traditional herbal bath, rooftop

12. Tea nook, standard room Mountain Resort

13. Evening spread, Mountain Resort

14. Bathroom, Mountain Resort

15. Standard doubles accommodation at the Mountain Resort



GANGTEY: Featured, Dewachen Lodge

16. Front view of the Dewachen Lodge

17. Guest stretching after hike, outer corridor, Dewachen

18. Back view, Dewachen 

19. Standard Double King Room at Dewachen

20. Dewachen, view from restaurant


PUNAKHA: Zhingkham Resort

21. Standard Doubles King Room

22. Bathroom, Zhingkham

23. Upper floor dining area, Zhingkham

24. Hallway, Zhingkham

THIMPHU: City Hotel

25. Standard Doubles King Room

26. Main Lobby/Arrival Area

27. Ground Floor Lounge

28. Upper floor dining area

Hotel Olathang, Paro

Spread over 28 acres of a lovely Blue Pine forest and offering a quiet refuge from the urban bustle of Paro, Olathang is the grande dame of tourism hotels in the kingdom. It was established in the early 1970s to host royal guests for the coronation of Bhutan's fourth king, and features a large number of secluded cottages high above the bustle of Paro Valley.  While less than 8 kms from the kingdom's only international airport, and a mere short drive into Paro town, one has the distinct feeling of being close to nature, owing in part to the many beautiful and fragrant pine trees on the property.

Complementing the tranquility of the natural surroundings is Olathang's outstanding service to our guests and the rich traditional Bhutanese architecture of the buildings and large living spaces. The main building has thick traditional rammed earth walls which provide wonderful sound insulation and create warm, cozy living spaces.  


The cottages are built in the style of single level traditional bungalows of rock, earth and wood with beautiful interiors featuring seasoned blue pine paneling. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms with bathtub and shower stalls, cable television, on-wall heating unit, minibar, room service and laundry service, free wifi, and complimentary tea daily.


The Mountain Resort, Jakar

Backed against an ancient protected cloud forest and fed by crystalline springs historically reserved for Bhutanese royalty, this beautiful family-run resort provides elegant accommodations with the grace, longstanding tradition, and the deeply rooted sense of hospitality that has become the hallmark of this well-loved property.

The Mountain Resort's central location in the heart of Bumthang valley, within walking distance of the Jakar town center and Jakar Dzong, one of the main cultural centers in the valley, makes it the perfect basecamp for the many ways to explore the lovely Bumthang region. 

We often start our walking explorations of the valley right from the grounds of the resort, circumscribing a well-trodden path to the many lovely temples and monasteries for which Bumthang  is famous. One of our favorite walks from the property takes us to the fun and colorful swaying suspension bridge strewn with prayer flags over the rushing rapids of the Chamkhar River.

Whether an excursion to a sedate nunnery, an exploration of bucolic Tang Valley (the spiritual home of the Mountain Resort family), or attending one of region’s stunning mask dance festivals, you will find that our choice is always the perfect place to start and end your Central Bhutan adventure! 

The excellent meals at the Mountain Resort regularly features flavorsome forays into the food culture of the Bumthang region, including hearty buckwheat pancakes with harvested honey from local farms or puta, the fibre-rich noodles of the Jakar Valley. Try the  fiery national dish, Ema Datsi, with red rice and jambuley gnocchi if you are feeling adventurous!


"I have been a regular for over 20 years at this hotel and it is one of the best in Bhutan in its category," says Honorary Consul of Bhutan to France, Himalayan Ethnographic Scholar and Bhutan Guidebook Author, Francoise Pommaret. "Family owned, kind hospitality, delicious food, good wifi, nice garden, helpful staff. It is just like being in a cocoon... in the beautiful Bumthang valley.



Dewachen Lodge, Gangtey

The Dewachen Lodge is a no frills but comfortable lodge backed against a high slope overlooking some farmhouses and views of the valley, which are partially obscured by some tall trees. The main restaurant offers Bhutanese, Indian and continental choices in the vein of the standard buffet style offered at other similar lodges. In colder weather, a tradition iron stove known locally as a Bukhari cranks overtime to heatkeep diners warm, adding to a nice atmosphere. Modern slim profile radiator heaters in the room keep guests warm. Running hot and cold showers are available in each and every room. The bed spreads are  colorful local wool weavings known as yathra.



Zhingkham, Punakha

Established in 2016, the Zhingkham Resort is one of Punakha's newer resorts. This lovely hotel offers quality service, beautifully breathtaking views of the Punakha Valley from its location on a mountain high above the valley, proximity to the impressive Punakha Dzong, and 40 deluxe guest rooms. Fifteen of the rooms have king size beds, and the other 25 rooms have two twin beds. All rooms have cable television, heating and AC, hot water with separate shower stalls, room and laundry service, and free wifi. All rooms have large windows looking out over the valley and the Punakha Dzong, the spectacular fortress monument that dominates the valley.

Each of the various wings of the resort is accessed by a flight of winding outdoor stairs that provide sweeping views of the valley that invite you to stop and admire the meandering river valley of Punakha  before heading to your rooms.  Zaru, the resort's main restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate large groups  of diners and offers Continental, Chinese, Bhutanese and Indian cuisine. 

The Palang Bar has a top-level outdoor  seating area that is a wonderful place to relax and meet local officials and dignitaries and other travelers passing through the valley. Keithnyam, Zhingkham's spa offers a wide variety of massage types: Thai, Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, a signature massage, back and head and shoulder and foot massages, body salt scrubs, and singing bowl healing treatments.


City Hotel, Thimphu

According to its owners, Thimphu's City Hotel is  "built to the standards of an upscale western hotel without compromising the traditional character of Bhutanese hospitality and architecture." 


It is located off a narrow and busy side street steps away from Bhutan's largest weekend farmer's market. Whether it is a quick foray into Thimphu's downtown market to find interesting Buddhist artifacts, a walk along the city’s public riverside pathway, a visit to the local VAST art gallery or any of the city's many urban attractions, you can be sure there is an easy way to get there on foot from this centrally located hotel although the traffic outside the hotel can sometimes be a bother. The restaurant on the 2nd floor has an good Indian chef and the views from the dining area look out over the crowded cityscape to the mountains beyond. The restaurant accommodates large groups and, of late, has become a favored venue young professionals out on the town on weekends. 

The hotel's large and generous rooms have a modern air with a subtle traditional flair, although definitely further on the scale toward modern western than the hotels in the outer districts. The large conference and banquet facilities housed above the hotel is popular with many important Bhutanese government departments and ministries for their workshops and seminars. 



Please note that the infrastructure for large scale travel in Bhutan is still relatively underserved and demand for rooms still frequently outstrips availability of accommodations in the kingdom. At Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions we take pride in the fact that we take great care to handpick and provide the best possible value at the prices you have booked your travel. In most instances, the list of featured lodges, hotels and resorts for your trip are a guarantee of your level of accommodations for your journey and you may treat them as confirmed unless we advise you otherwise.  


  However, even though we have longstanding established ties with each of the properties on our featured list for your trip, and your rooms are usually confirmed, occasionally guest numbers, the time or season of booking, renovations & repair and/or other circumstances beyond our control may make them unavailable. In such circumstances, we always rebook our confirmed guests at resorts, hotels and lodges of equal standards, amenities, comfort and value. Therefore, please take the Featured List of Lodges & Accommodations for your trip to mean either the establishments named in this document “or resorts, hotels or lodges of equal or comparable standard and/or value."


On extremely rare occasions, in order to confirm your journey, we may have no choice but to upgrade your hotel reservation to book you at one of the more expensive four primary luxury lodges in Bhutan. In such instances, as a goodwill gesture, we may bear a up to a maximum of 50% of the upgrade charges and fees (at our discretion) for a such a confirmed journey. If this happens you will be advised of the changes well before the start of your trip at which time you will have the opportunity to approve and agree to the related price increases for your the trip, or to cancel entirely from trip participation with the trip cancellation fees due at the time of cancellation. 




Once your trip reservations are complete, we will e-mail you our 23-page Pre Departure Packet with useful packing lists and medical information, reading lists and a background on the history and culture of Bhutan. You will also receive periodic e-mail trip updates with useful information about practical travel matters as well as any relevant updates to your upcoming journey in Bhutan. An updated and comprehensive day-to-day Travel Program. Itinerary will be emailed to you closer to your trip departure date.


Visa processing fees per person for this journey is included in the published trip price. Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions provides visa processing and flight booking services as part of the trip cost (Airfare not included). Please complete the visa application form as described in our one-page guide and we’ll do the rest. If you haven’t received our visa application form by e-mail, please let us know and we will be happy to send it to you.

PROGRAM ACCURACY DISCLAIMER: While this is an accurate representation of this featured trip at the time of printing actual activities and arrangements during your journey may vary due to unexpected weather and/or changes in local conditions beyond our control. We may also change or modify the journey to best serve the needs of the journey and in response to space availability at our featured lodges and available spaces on flights. When modifications are made we will make our best efforts to distribute a latest updated itinerary with all the changes. Please note, however, that this may not always be possible for a variety of reasons. In all instances we strive to always improve the quality of the featured journey through such changes if any are deemed necessary. 


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send us a message, or call us at 1.805.534.9224 during normal business hours. We look forward to sharing the wonders of the Bhutan Himalaya with you soon!

An artist's sketch of the Tashichhodzong fortress in Thimphu by the explorer Samuel Turner, made in the late 1700s

Nun crossing suspension bridge in Jakar, Central Bhutan

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