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Rebecca's Bubbles

Watch a delightful video of the encounter between Rebecca and the Bhutanese schoolchildren at the end of this post


Like many of our travelers, 2006 Bhutan Himalaya guest Rebecca asked us what kind of gifts we thought she should bring on her trip. Having previously had to ask guests not to hand out candy or pens (which are considered culturally insensitive in Bhutan), we gently suggested “items with light cultural or environmental footprint.”


What she did with the information we provided surprised us all. In a good way.

After days trekking in the mountains, Rebecca was thrilled to see friendly Bhutanese children heading home from school.

She reached into her pack and pulled out a bubble blower from her pack.

The children were fascinated.

Bhutanese schoolchildren squeal with delight as Rebecca blows her bubbles


Although they were a little shy in the beginning, Rebecca’s gift quickly broke the ice and soon they were giggling and laughing, chasing and popping the translucent spheres one by one as they floated by.

One thing led to another and, before long, Rebecca and the group was teaching the Bhutanese children western nursery rhymes and dancing with them in a circle. In return, the children were treated us to Bhutanese Bhutanese folk songs they had picked up in school. In the end something as small and light as a bubble blower had paid huge dividends by sparking a genuine cultural moment, filled pure joy and shared laughter.

Watch the video: Rebecca’s Bubbles


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