Bespoke travel experiences of Bhutan's spirituality & wellness traditions


Superlative surroundings & a doorway to Bhutan's inner peace

Our spiritual journey includes a spirit "cleansing" ceremony with a senior lama, a consultation with a traditional Dungtsho or traditional physician, and readings and recommendations for positive changes in your life from a real-life astrologer. And that is only the beginning!

  •  Farm to table meals

  • Inspirational walks and hikes according to ability

  • Spiritual Art & the Hidden Symbolisms of Vajrayana Buddhism

  • Traditional Hot stone bath with menchu or "healing waters" treatments

  • Guided Yoga (at some locations)

  • Meeting with a high lama & traditional Dungtsho or physician

On this leisurely-paced wellness-centered journey, we hope your outward travel into the beautiful Bhutanese landscape brings you closer to discovering your true inner self. 


We learn about the rich Vajrayana Buddhist culture of Bhutan, visit sacred temples, shrines and power spots while staying at a collection of especially superlative lodges along the way. 

Each day begins with a flexible itinerary that includes yoga, meditation and other Asian-influenced wellness practices with the pace of outward travel and physical movement balanced to enhance your ability to reconnect deeply with your inner intuitive self. Each place or activity you experience during the day is chosen carefully to help you enter the well of spirituality and harmonizing influences latent within Bhutan's Buddhist culture often not accessible to the conventional traveler on busier itineraries and schedules. 


This journey whisks you away to a wonderful series of hideaways in Bhutan's secluded mountains and provides opportunities for rest, relaxation, and some cultural experiences you will never forget! As the last bastion of the ancient traditions of Vajrayana Buddhism, Bhutan offers a wealth of spiritual experiences for the traveler. Some of the best have been curated for you on this journey!



“I loved the fact that there were planned activities but with flexibility built in. On one occasion we got to sit with a monk as he recited his morning prayers and my guide stayed there with me—there was never any pressure to progress—yet he was always ready to move on when I was. I loved every moment of my time with your company and I hope to return again to Bhutan. I am strongly recommending that anyone traveling to Asia should consider discovering Bhutan with your team. Thank you for the great memories!”

~ Tony H., New Zealand


Arrive in Paro ● Continue to our secluded retreat for a light walk through neighboring forests and villages returning in time for evening meditation.


DAY 2-3

Morning visit to 7th Century Kyichu Temple to see the magnificent Buddha of Compassion and receive an introduction to the spiritual traditions of Bhutan. Afternoon session with a resident Dungtsho or wellness physician.  ● Morning visit with a family that grows the farm-to-table food served at our secluded sanctuary. Afternoon meditation or yoga, followed by a traditional medicinal bath in Bhutanese style. 

DAY 4-5

Drive to Thimphu and stay at a magnificent lodge hidden away in the hills above Bhutan's busy capital. ● Hike through peaceful forests to ancient Tango or Dodedra Monastery.


DAY 6-7

Drive to Punakha valley for a special private blessing ceremony at one of the main temples in the valley, afternoon hike.   ● Picnic day excursion to beautiful a mountaintop nunnery or monastery


DAY 8-9

Return to Paro with time for afternoon healing rituals.  ● Early morning pilgrimage hike to Taktshang "Tiger's Nest" Monastery.


DAY 10

Leisurely breakfast.  ● We bring you back to the airport in time to catch your return flight to Bangkok or another  gateway city.



(with optional Bangkok Transit arrangements)

If you'd like to spend a little more time exploring the magnificent World Heritage sites of Cambodia and Laos before or after Bhutan with arrangements in and out of Bangkok, we can take care of those details as well. Start the Conversation and tie in a visit to the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor Wat or explore the quaint streets of Luang Prabang where French Colonial meets a distinctly unique Asian sensibility. 




May ~ July;  

December ~ March 


From $6,500 per person (Custom trips may require additional arrangements, which may add to the trip costs.) 


Did you know we also arrange custom journeys throughout the year? Just tell us what you need from your trip and we will put it all together for you. 


  •  All ground transportation and airport transfers

  • All Accommodations

  • All meals, including excursions to try well-known local restaurants 

  • The expertise and services of your Bhutanese Trip Leaders, Guides & dedicated trip field staff

  • Courtesy booking services & arrangements for round-trip regional flights from gateway cities (such as Bangkok) to Bhutan & any internal domestic flights (airfare is additional). 

  • Sightseeing, special events & receptions, visits and entry fees 

  • All environmental national parks & conservation fees and permits

  • All Trek Arrangements (if you signed up for a trek), including community camping and commissary equipment (comfortable and roomy two-person tents, kitchen and dining tents, and other  community equipment), camp, cook and support staff



Fly from your home city to Bangkok, Singapore, New Delhi Kolkata or Kathmandu (Main Gateway Cities)* 


Fly from Gateway City to Paro, Bhutan.

​Important: Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions makes round-trip flight arrangements from the Gateway City of your choice to Bhutan as a courtesy to our travelers. Airfare is not included. 

For further details please email us using the contact form on the bottom of this page. 

*Bangkok is the primary Gateway City & offers the most frequent and most reliable flights to Bhutan.





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