The pristine high trek to Treasure Lake


Discover western Bhutan’s high Himalayan ridge-line & its sacred alpine lake

Group Travel| 14 days  

High-altitude trek with 6 ~ 8 hours of steep hiking

2020 Dates: November 10 ~ 23

2021 Dates:

November 10 ~ 23; other custom dates available


High-end accommodations & all-inclusive expedition camps


Hike and camp amid the steep and dramatic slopes of the western Bhutan Himalaya, ascending to high passes marked by photogenic cairns and brightly colored prayer flags, opening to vistas of the rugged snow-capped peaks. Climb above the tree-line and drop to deeply forested valleys, camp beside the lake on a scenic meadow looking out to the the mountainous border of India and China. Meet the rigors of our 6- to 8-hour treks by day, and relax amid the relative comfort and camaraderie of our fully supported camps by night; savor the experience of a classic high Himalayan trek that includes cultural highlights and lodge-based hiking that supplements your training and perfectly acclimates you for the trail. 

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  • Beautiful mountain views

  • Wildflowers (in season)

  • High-end traditionally authentic lodges & resorts

  • Fully supported Himalayan Trek

  • Highlights of West & Central Bhutan

  • Mountains, Temples & Monasteries

  • Pre-trek cultural acclimation hikes







Beginning with a steep ascent through a lush landscape of oak and deciduous trees that display their vibrant colors best in late fall, this trek is among the most rewarding ones in western Bhutan because of its lightly traveled trails. According to local belief the sacred Tshonapata lake in the western Ha Valley holds within its depths many holy relics and treasures that predestined awakened beings can see and, subsequently, reveal to the world for the benefit of all beings. One such master was the Terton or “Treasure Revealer” Sherab Mebar who extracted a magic cymbal from its depths that is still used to make music on the first day of the holiest days of the Buddhist calendar. This beautiful Himalayan ridge-line trek celebrates the outstanding Bhutanese tradition of cleansing the spirit by trekking to revered lakes and holy mountains. Join us on this adventure honoring that most Bhutanese of traditions!