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“A few kind words from good friends are worth more than gold,” according to an old Bhutanese saying. We could spend the time trying to toot our horn, or we could let our guests—among the many who continue to refer us to their friends and family—speak for us. Frankly, we prefer the latter. So we can focus on what we do best; putting together the top-notch experiences that create sentiments like these:

“In an attempt to share an overall impression of my journey, I began by saying, ‘It was life-altering’. So many changes took place within me during this adventure, on every level. My place in the world, my heart-space, all have been expanded beyond my dreams. For this monumental learning experience, I am forever grateful.” - Laurel W.

“Through the eyes of a select few informed leaders we saw the dilemmas of a culture: A hitherto sheltered nation discovering the arguments for and against remaining a cloistered society in this 21st Century. I loved the adventure, and I loved the discovery. Unlike anything else I have ever experienced!” - Lola W.

I loved the fact that there were planned activities but with flexibility built in. On one occasion we got to sit with a monk as he recited his morning prayers and my guide stayed there with me—there was never any pressure to progress—yet he was always ready to move on when I was. I loved every moment of my time with your company and I hope to return again to Bhutan. I am strongly recommending that anyone traveling to Asia should consider discovering Bhutan with your team. Thank you for the great memories!” - Tony H.

There are no words to describe what a fabulous journey your team put together for me! Thank you for arranging not only the most wonderful journey of my life, but one which has had a profound impact on me.” - Julica F.

There are so many things that we recall each day that remind us how special this trip was for us. It was about seeing, feeling and understanding the spirit of the place, and perhaps it was partly about finding answers to some very personal questions. You shared your country with respect, humor, grace, patience, and with great care. We carry extraordinary memories of an extraordinary trip!” - Lois C.

What will always be a wonderful trip was made all the more special by the personal touches of the excellent guides and staff. They shared their families, their thoughts and their reflections on life. In short it was like traveling with a really close and fun group of friends.” - Karen H.

It is impossible to list all the great events, mental images and stimuli to all my senses, most especially my renewed sense of adventure! About all I can say is that this journey with you certainly was the most amazing voyage I’ve ever made…” - Jacques L.

Thanks again for arranging such a wonderful trip!” - Paul G.

Our two weeks traveling with you in Bhutan will always be treasured. We had such a special trip because of all the personal connections you made for us. Thank you very much for the trip of a lifetime!” - Mick F.

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