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A Fairy Tale Ending

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

We knew our guests Randy and Angella liked each other when they came on our annual Blessings of Bhutan journey. What we didn't know was just how much!


Randy finally let the cat out of the bag two days before the end of the trip. He had decided to pop the big question! But that didn't leave us very much time! Fortunately, like Randy, we had saved our best for last. With barely 48 hours left before departure, we drove everyone up to a high pass with simultaneous views of two of Bhutan’s loveliest valleys. Soon, we were picking our way down an ancient mule track that winds its way through tall groves of murmuring prayer flags.

Guests Randy and Angella at their secret "Proposal Spot," 2011


Descending into forests of pine and cypress with moss on either side of the track, we took the group past sparkling streams fed by mountain springs, to a high monastery overlooking the valley.

There, we secretly asked the high priestess to bless the young couple. Then we led them down the path to an ancient stupa some distance from the main monastery, with a magnificent view of the snow-capped peak of majestic Mount Jomolhari. The stage was set: Randy nervously fingering the hidden ring in his pocket; Angella completely unaware of what was about to happen!

Surrounded by multi-colored prayer flags, the sun slowly turning gold, we left the pair, praying for Randy's sake the answer would be a "yes". We knew right away it was time for another celebration when we came back sometime later to find Randy grinning from ear to ear and Angella blushing happily!

The party that night involved a huge celebratory cake, many rounds of Bhutan's K5 Whiskey and happy toasts to the lucky couple!


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