Travel to see Bhutan’s stunning rhododendron flowering season


Bhutan in the Time of Rhododendrons: Spring 2022 journey

Group | 12 Days | Moderate Touring

Dates: May 09 ~ 20, 2022

(See "Dates & Prices" below for other future departures)


Discover Bhutan when the kingdom’s legendary wild rhododendrons bloom like the exuberant whorls of a flamenco dancer’s dress. Hike along forested trails overhung with spring rhododendrons to enter secluded valleys and visit ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries; learn about Bhutanese culinary traditions with a curator of Bhutanese heritage foods. Experience the Himalayan landscape of Bhutan during one of the loveliest seasons of the Bhutanese year. 

  •  Excellent time of year for nature enthusiasts 

  • Hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery

  • High-end, traditionally authentic lodges & accommodations

  • Highlights of central & western Bhutan

  • Markets, monuments, museums, and more

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Bhutan's wild and magnificent rhododendron blooms elevate the stunning landscape, transforming the merely beautiful into a journey that is unforgettable. Old-growth rhododendron forests, such as those found in Bhutan and a few other parts of the Himalayas, have long fascinated explorers, botanists, collectors, and enthusiasts. This journey coincides with the long season of flowering rhododendrons in Bhutan and takes us to a centuries-old village in the center of Bhutan, where we get a taste of traditional life. Traveling along the east-west national highway, we stop to “smell the flowers” and explore hiking trails redolent with the breath of Himalayan pines. Enter a series of awe-inspiring Buddhist monasteries strung across the country like pearls on a necklace before the final, spectacular ascent to Tiger’s Nest monastery, one of Bhutan’s most beloved shrines.

Our In Focus feature The Magnificent Madness of Bhutan's Wild Rhododendron Blooms.