Slideshow: Waiting for Black-necked Cranes

Images from our recent journey to catch the annual arrival of Bhutan's elegant Black-necked Cranes. Scroll down to read caption details. For similar upcoming departures for 2018 & '19, please see On the Wings of a Prayer.

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1. Window of Opportunity

The Bhutanese countryside wakes slowly outside our scalloped windows in Paro valley where most of our journeys begin. Paro has the country's only international airport and is one of the Bhutan's three main "cities." But even here, the country's agrarian heart is clearly visible.    This view of the fertile rice paddies of Paro coincides with the golden post-harvest season. Crisp clear mornings, dazzling days and the sparkling Bhutanese country side are the norm as we journey east toward the gateway valley of Phobjikha to catch the arrival of Bhutan's rare and endangered Black-necked Cranes. We have always managed to time this journey well (for upcomg trip dates & itinerary see Celebrating Bhutan's Black-necked Cranes) but fluctuations in annual migratory patterns due to weather, climate, human interference and a host of other reasons beyond our control mean there is always a possibility we may miss this window of opportunity. 

By Karma Dorji


An account, in words and images, of a November 2017 journey to Bhutan's Phobjikha valley, where the rare and elegant Black-necked Cranes are the season's much anticipated guests. Inspired? See dates and prices for our upcoming Black-necked Cranes journey On the Wings of a Prayer; for more on Black-necked Cranes in Bhutan read our feature article about the cranes. 

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