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In goddess Jomo's lap: a trek to Bhutan's Mount Jomolhari

Updated: Jan 14, 2020


The Nelson Group with our Travel Programs Coordinator Karma Dorji at Basecamp Jomolhari, 2004


This well-loved trek featuring the basecamp of Mt. Jhomulhari combines well with our cultural travel programs. Viewing it from the Tibetan side, mountaineer F. Spencer Chapman said, "(Jomolhari) gives a greater impression of sheer height and inaccessibility than any mountain I know. It is thought by many to be the most beautiful mountain in the whole length of the Himalaya."

Start in Paro valley and cross over to Thimphu, the kingdom's capital, or loop back to Paro valley via our alternate route. The mystery, power and allure of the Bhutan Himalayas is best felt on foot. Experience the grand peaks on this eastern edge of the world's greatest range up close. Our Bhutan Himalaya programs offer selections from a gentle four-night camp experience around the sacred valley of Bumthang valley to the rigors of the month-long Snowman Expedition.

Our Into the Nomadic Realms program takes us to the long unbreached regions of Laya and Gasa. Whatever you choose, the mountains, valleys and some of the most hospitable people on the planet prove fertile ground for experiences that are sure to endure. At Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions, we revere our mountains and proudly share our Himalayan treasures while preserving our pristine environment.

All our treks are led by trained guides, a seasoned camp crew and caravan leaders drawn from local communities through which we pass. We ensure that your journey of discovery through the mountains of Bhutan has an air of warm homecoming rather than a tourist's point and gawk.



Day 1: Drukgyel Dzong to Shana (10 miles) . Day 2: Shana to Soi Thangthathangkha (13miles). Day 3: Soi Thangthathangkha to Jangothang (12 miles). Day 4: Rest and acclimation at Jangothang or Jhomulhari basecamp Day 5: Day hike to lakes above Jangothang or Jhomulhari Glacial basin . Day 6: Jangothang to Lingzhi (12 miles). Day 7: Lingzhi to Shodu (13 miles) . Day 8: Shodu to Barshong (10 miles) . Day 9: Barshong to Dolam Kencho (9 miles) . Day 10: Dolam Kencho to Dodina (4-5 miles).