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In the Footsteps of Bhutan's Treasure Revealer

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

An Active Cultural Journey to Discover the Legacy of the Mystic Pema Lingpa

Spiritual heir to Padma Sambhava, "Lotus Born Guru of the Himalayas", Pema Lingpa was one of five sovereign Himalayan Tertons or Treasure Revealers (there were over a thousand minor tertons). The impact of these spiritual masters reverberated across the pan-Himalayan region, including Bhutan, Tibet, Ladakh, Nepal, the former kingdom of Sikkim and, some believe, even Mongolia. Their specialtywas unearthing ancient teachings from the landscape (including caves, lakes, cliffs and mountains) as well as their own mindstreams and those of their predecessors, often unlocking key texts written in undecipherable "fairy" or Dakini script. Often, the task of bringing back the ancient "lost" teachings required equal parts contemplation, inspiration and daring as well as physical feats (as when Pema Lingpa entered the burning lake in the mountains of central Bhutan, butter lamps in hand, reclaiming sacred scriptures that inspire to this day). Our resident teacher and traveling companion Sarah Harding will help us navigate the series of mystic reveleations and teachings that are his legacy as we traverse the landscape of his birth. Our journey takes us along the same paths he walked, through hidden villages and into shrines that have not changed much since his lifetime in the 15th century. We stop at his home in Tamshing, catch a performance of one of his famed mask dance compositions, learn about his spiritual legacy from Sarah and Bhutanese lamas and perhaps, even, receive an audience with his current living incarnate. Along the way we stop to admire the Himalayan scenery, poised lushly between the afterglow of spring and the summer rains soon-to-come. Our mornings and evenings will include meditation, teaching and discussions with Sarah, who is also the author of Creation and Completion: Essential Points of Tantric Meditation, available from Wisdom Publications.


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