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Bhutan’s far eastern frontiers: An epic Himalayan road-trip across the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Updated: Jan 14, 2020


A Golden October light over the Paro Valley, Bhutan

Sunset over mountains looking toward Bhutan's eastern frontiers


An epic road trip along Bhutan's lateral route from West to East Bhutan

~ 16 Days

Not for the faint of heart, this trip is essentially one long road trip across the full lateral route of Bhutan, and the accommodations in the final three valleys of the far-east can get pretty rustic. But if you love being driven across a constantly changing landscape and have a high tolerance for long drives on winding roads with incredible scenery, this is the trip for you. Starting from Paro in Western Bhutan, we stop to take in the sights along Bhutan’s eastern route, until we arrive in the frontier-town of Trashigang.

Along the way we hike to beautiful temples and monasteries in each of the three distinct regions of Bhutan, attended local religious festivities (in season) and cover a landscape that has changed little over the centuries. We take you deep into eastern Bhutan where the kingdom’s prized weaving traditions are preserved. Discover the jaw-dropping Sengor Highway, a road that stretches, winds and loops like some crazy black taffy, traversing some of the highest mountain passes accessible by car before plunging deep into a lush landscape of subtropical jungles and exotic birds. From thundering waterfalls to serene villages hidden in the mist, this trip offers many rewards for the adventurous! A spectacular Himalayan flight back to Paro followed by a hike to famous Tiger’s Nest monastery adds the final flourish to your trip across the full breadth of Bhutan.



Day 1: arrive in Paro | Days 2 & 3: Paro & Thimphu | Day 4: drive to Punakha | Day 5: drive to Trongsa | Day 6: drive to Jakar | Days 7 & 8: Cultural touring in Jakar (tshechu festivals in season) | Day 9: Sengor Highway | Day 10: Hike to Khoma weaving village | Days 11: Khoma to Mongar | Day 12: Drive to Trashiyangtse | Day 13: Drive to Trashigang*

Day 14: Fly to Paro | Day 15: Hike to Tiger’s Nest | Day 16: depart for Bangkok or another gateway city



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