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Our featured lodges : From understated luxury to local charm

Ogyen Choling Manor and Museum

History, culture, serenity, and one of the most unique stays in the kingdom

The Swiss Guest House

A storied reminder of the Swiss Alps in the Bhutan Himalayas

Two-Bedroom Villa Six Senses

The Two-Bedroom Villas at the Six Senses Bhutan

One Bedroom Villa Six Senses

The One-Bedroom Villas at the Six Senses Bhutan

Upper Lodge Suite Six Senses

The Upper Level Suites at the Six Senses Bhutan

Ground Suite Six Senses

Ground Level Lodge Suites at the Six Senses Bhutan

The Pema by Realm

A watering hole near the capital's Motithang neighborhood

Bhutan Himalaya Expeditions Camps

Sleep in weather-sealed Mountain Hardwear tents and sleeping bags amid Bhutan's majestic mountains

The Capital Hotel

A smart and stylish new address in the downtown area of Bhutan's capital

The Dhumra Farm Resort

A lovely agro-tourism property run by a local writer and his family

The Zhiwa Ling Heritage

The Zhiwa Ling Heritage: Traditional grandeur in Bhutan’s gateway valley


Punakha's Zhingkham: "Resort" may be a stretch, but the views are real

Norkhil Boutique Hotel

Thimphu's Norkhil Boutique Hotel: an affordable cut above the rest


Punakha's Dhensa Resort: An elegant retreat hidden among pines above the Mo-Chhu river valley

Taj Tashi

The Taj Tashi Thimphu: Saffron fortress in the city

COMO Uma Paro

COMO Uma Paro: Award-winning retreat in a pine forest

Gangtey Lodge

Gangtey Lodge: an award-winning property in Bhutan's panoramic 'Valley of the Cranes.'

Six Senses

The Six Senses Lodges, Bhutan: Superlatives "Beyond Sky & Earth"


Bhutan's Amankora Lodges: Stratospheric luxury in understated style

COMO Uma Punakha

The COMO Uma Punakha: An earthy brown gem set amid a lush, emerald backdrop


Haa's Zingkha Heritage Lodge: A place that scores high on traditional charm

City Hotel Thimphu

The City Hotel: A centrally located hotel in the commercial heart of Thimphu

Gangtey Dewachen Lodge

The Gangtey Dewachen Lodge: A traditional property high on local charm–with panoramic views

The Mountain Resort-Bumthang

The Mountain Resort: Where family-run hospitality & regional architecture take center stage

The Zhiwa Ling Ascent

The Zhiwa Ling Ascent: A boutique oasis in the capital with a soothing, zen aesthetic

Tiger's Nest Camp

Tiger's Nest Camp: High-end glamping arrives in Bhutan

Paro Village Lodge

The Village Lodge in Paro: a locally-owned property bordered by rice fields

Nemjo Heritage Lodge

The Nemjo Heritage, Paro: an ancient farmhouse reborn as a modern lodge


The historic cottages at
Paro Olathang, Grande dame of
Bhutanese lodges

At the tail-end of the 1990s when we started introducing a hardy set of travelers to Bhutan, the kingdom was considered something of a "hardship destination," the idea being that one would give up one's creature comforts to experience what is still the enormously transformative power of Bhutan. Not anymore. A new distinctive set of luxury properties seeks to position Bhutan in the upper reaches of the luxury travel market while local mom-and-pop and family-run lodges high on charm, kindness and unpretentious warmth, still provide visitors a taste of the old ways of Bhutan. Here are a few of the ones we use, and some others not listed here, to suit according to taste. If you'd like to remix lodges on on an itinerary because of pricing concerns of just out of personal preference, please browse the list below and let us know which ones you'd like to stay at during your custom trip, or feel free to ask us for recommendations on those not listed here. 

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